The Modern Sporting Rifle (the AR-15 Rifle) continues to gain in popularity. Increasingly, the AR-15 is being purchased not only for recreational shooting, but for home defense as well.


The AR:101 Course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using an AR-15 safely for both of these purposes. Through this course, students will learn about rifle parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, rifle shooting fundamentals, clearing common stoppages, and field stripping and cleaning.


Because this is a Basic course, students will use iron sights only. As such, students will learn about bullet trajectory, come-ups and come/downs, and how to zero their rifle properly. The course will culminate with students shooting an Army Qualifying Test (AQT).


The AR:201 Course picks up where AR:101 leaves off, and introduces students to advanced Defensive Shooting techniques. In this course, participants learn to use a defensive or flash sight picture, to fire both single shots and aimed pairs from various shooting positions , to shoot using a center-of-mass hold, to effectively use cover and concealment, and to employ point-shooting and multiple target engagement techniques. Also covered are battle sight zeroing, speed and tactical reloads, clearing stoppages, the proper use of a sling, and transitioning from rifle to sidearm while engaging targets.


This course is conducted entirely on the range, and culminates with a timed qualification.


Course Fee: $150

Prerequisites: None

Course Length:

This course meets for 9-10 hours.



Course Fee: $175


AR-101 and either Defensive Pistol or Personal Protection Outside The Home

Course Length:

This course meets for 9-10 hours.